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Why entrust your advertising to me?

  • Time flexibility – Available 7 days a week if needed

  • Expert consultations – Collaboration with internal advertising platform consultants for maximum insight into new features

  • Personal approach and integrity – Individual approach and working beyond expectations


  • No cooperation packages – I always strive to achieve the best results

  • AI and innovation – Utilizing advanced AI technologies and the latest trends to ensure maximum efficiency and cost-effective collaboration

  • 5+ years of freelance experience with continuous education and monitoring of current trends.

How I can help you

I set up search advertising, display ads, remarketing, and other forms of PPC advertising. We will fine-tune campaigns according to your requirements, goals, and budget to ensure that advertising costs are always spent as efficiently as possible.

Our Services


Facebook PPC advertising is currently among the most profitable forms of advertising. Many companies already advertise on Facebook, yet there are still numerous businesses that do not utilize this advertising channel to its full potential or do not use it correctly. I provide complete promotion on Facebook and Instagram.

(only for the CS market)


Sklik offers types of campaigns that partially resemble those in Google Ads. It's said that Sklik is like a little brother to Google. This certainly has its pros and cons. However, it should not be missing in promotion in 95% of cases!

Heureka | Zboží
only for the CS market)

I'll help with setting up and managing comparison sites. We'll find and fix errors in the XML feed. We'll add additional information to your products and set up the most suitable bidding strategy.

Personal consultation

Struggling with your advertising campaigns? Or unsure if your budget is being spent efficiently? Let's schedule a meeting and thoroughly discuss everything.

Other most commonly used tools:

Google Tag Manager - implementing codes on the website | advanced creation of custom events.

Google Data Studio - professional report creation.

Google Merchant Center - working with products for Google Shopping.

Mergado - professional editing of XML feeds.




Show up when people search for what you offer. Use only relevant keywords and tailored ads. Both the search and content network, as well as dynamic remarketing, should definitely not be missing in your promotion. We will fine-tune product ads. We'll reduce CPA, adjust bids, and show ads only to those who are genuinely searching for your goods.



Track all the information and numbers you need. We will analyze data from the customer's arrival on your website to their actual purchase. We'll minimize weak spots and focus on what truly works. Whatever your marketing is missing, we'll uncover it together.


Complete satisfaction! Easy-going yet very proactive approach. Definitely recommend.

Marek Čihák

O mně

I have been actively involved in online marketing for five years. I gained valuable experience in the past while collaborating with the marketing agency INIZIO. I continuously educate myself in the field, so we don’t miss any current trends and news.

My main strength is diligent work, thanks to which I am able to constantly move forward and develop with my clients. Thanks to my narrow specialization, I can guarantee maximum care for your campaigns.

You can also find me on Facebook, where I share samples of my work.

I provide online marketing to companies and entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals more effectively.

I focus on effective sales, not on increasing traffic or reach. The key indicator for us is the return on advertising spend (ROI/ROAS/PNO), which I work with at the levels of accounts, campaigns, and individual products.


As part of my portfolio, I manage campaigns with a monthly ad spend of over half a million dollars.


Ready to learn more?

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